Manufacturing complete range of decorative and  industrial painting system 

P r o d u c t s 



  • Complete range of decorative paints for buildings

  • Paints for steel and wood industries

  • Putty and primer sealers

  • Electrometric water proofing compounds

  • Internal and external texture coatings

  • Heavy duty industrial coatings

  • Various kinds of thinners for paints

  • Adhesives for wood and contact cement for carpet etc.

  • Wood varnishes

  • Paint varnishes

  • Paint rollers for all types of painting  


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ICI Paints UK Dulux brand Decorative Paints
ICI Paints UK Glidden brand Decorative Paints
W. & J. Leigh & Co. UK Leigh brand Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings
NATA Ltd. UK Autokote NC Paints & Waterproofing Compounds


Rollers for Paint


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    Paint Remover
Alkali Resisting Primer

Primer Sealer
Floor Paint
Superfine Texture Coating

Heavy Texture Coating
Graffiato Coating
Flat Finish Enamel

Semi Gloss Enamel 
High Gloss Enamel

Interior Emulsion
Exterior & Interior Emulsion
Acrylic Emulsion

Woodcare Warnish
Roof Coating Compound


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